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The author of The Hundreds’ daily streetwear, fashion, and tech report “The Feed,” Peter Yeh, now brings us a weekly round up of the best of the best releases of the week every Saturday.

Microsoft Universal Foldable Keyboard – I actually don’t even care about the keyboard being foldable. What really got me excited was how the keyboard allows you to toggle between two devices. Have you ever tried to debug a program? How about answering emails and text at the same time? Without switching devices you can do all of these things, and much more with the Universal Foldable keyboard. Its the functionality and efficiency of toggling between two devices that makes the keyboard different from any other portable keyboard on the market.

If you find yourself traveling frequently, then you need to continue reading. The Universal Foldable Keyboard from Microsoft makes for the perfect travel companion. You can skip the laptop and just bring the tablet with this space-saving keyboard. By folding into half its original size, the Universal Foldable Keyboard syncs up to your tablet via Bluetooth, and also has the option to toggle between two devices. Whether it’s the phone that needs the keyboard or a spreadsheet on the tablet, it’s a seamless click away.

Source: Microsoft

Spitfire x Volcom – I’ll always have love for Spitfire because they don’t deviate from quality. Their urethane wheels consistently out-perform the competition, and it’s awesome that they linked up with Volcom. The two brands get together to create a workwear-inspired collection that echos the durability and abuse Spitfire wheels can take. Using the familiar red and black hues the collection arrives with a few graphic T-shirts, accessories, and some light work jackets. It’s not much, but that Spitfire x Volcom logo looks pretty nice.

After enjoying a collaboration with Supreme, Spitfire has been tapped yet again by the likes of Volcom. With over 50 years of combined experience in the world of skate, the two brands march forward to create a soft goods collection that is focused on quality. Consisting of workwear-inspired durability, the collection includes wearable wovens, graphic T-shirts in hues of black and red, light jackets, printed socks, and 6-panel snap-backs sporting the signature Spitfire x Volcom logo.

Source: Volcom

Sony PlayStation 4 Metal Gear Solid V Edition – Konami hit one out of the park with this exclusive Metal Gear Solid V Edition of the PlayStation 4. The deep burgundy and the gold trim makes the boring all-black PlayStation 4 console look like a museum piece. The sheen of the gunmetal DualShock 4 controller perfectly complements the deep red, and all I can think of is how nice it’ll all look in my living room. It’s a damn shame this is an exclusive release for Asia, but I pray a couple will make its way stateside.

The PlayStation 2 came out over 2 years ago, but that’s not going to stop fans from copping the recently announced Metal Gear Solid V Edition. Arriving to Asian markets is a stunning special edition PlayStation 4 that is made under the direction of Konami, maker of Metal Gear. The plain black console is updated with a deep red color-blocking and metallic gold accents, an homage to Snake’s bionic arm. The DualShock 4 controller arrives in a metallic gunmetal color with red details, and the Diamond Dogs logo. It’s stupid to overpay for a console you can easily find on sale at Best Buy, but goddamn do I want one.

Source: Sony

Woodlands x 3Sixteen – I really like what the Woodlands did here. They went across the river to Pendleton Woolen Mills to find two deadstock wool plaids, and then they went all the way to San Francisco to have 3Sixteen make the Overshirts. The result is a beautifully cut Overshirt with a unique and durable wool plaid. The extra heft in the wool gives the Overshirt two options. Wear it as a light jacket during warm weather, or button it up as a standalone shirt when its cold – in either scenario, you’re going to look good.

With burly winters in the Northwest, a button-down isn’t going to cut it. So Woodlands found some help in San Francisco-based 3Sixteen and created the Wool Overshirt. Using two deadstock mid-weight wool plaids from Pendleton Woolen Mills, the overshirts are hand-constructed in San Francisco. The Overshirts are thick, heavy, and can work as either a shirt or as a light jacket –  it’s that warm. With both deadstock patterns in short supply, the Wool Overshirt is very limited, and is only available exclusively through Tanner Goods, and Woodland’s online shop and their physical stores.

Source: Woodland

Runcible – I’m pretty good about staying off the phone when I dine with friends and family, but there are those who are constantly staring into their mobile devices and it bugs me to no end. For those that treat their smartphone like another appendage, I recommend the Runcible. Using a scaled down Firefox OS the Runcible is a smartphone that only does the basics. By reducing the amount of features, the Runcible forces people to quit staring at the screen for their next Facebook update.

The smartphone is ruining dinners, but Runicible CEO Aubrey Anderson wants to blame Facebook and has created the Runcible to remove that element. The disk-shaped trinket looks like a curio you find in a vintage shop, and this is all by design because the Runcible is meant to be the perfect smartphone alternative. It does nearly everything you want a phone to do like call, text, offer directions, and browse the web. But, if you want to play Angry Birds or check IG, then you are out of luck. For those who lack the self-control to check their phones every 5 minutes, the Runcible may be the perfect solution.

Source: Engadget

Element Perspective T-Shirts – I really like what Element did here. Check out the video that complements the collection, and you’ll see why it’s important that streetwear is providing a venue for artists like Jake Darwen. This small Perspective collection is awfully simple with a couple of choice black-and-white shots, but listen to Jake as he describes his method, and all of a sudden the T-shirt means something. It’s not often that the gap between fashion and art is made at such an affordable level, and that’s what Element has done.

At the heart of street and skate wear is the graphic T-shirt. Element isn’t re-inventing the wheel with their Perspective t-shirts, but its worth mentioning because the visuals are dope. Using beautiful black and white photography, Jake Darwen heads to Auckland, New Zealand, to capture gorgeous moments in skate. The trio of tees are accompanied by with a short video where the photographer dives into the origins of each shot, along with discussions about the love and inspirations for the art. Again, this is nothing new, but the approach and angle Element takes to share Darwen’s voice makes it notable.

Source: Element

Nike Air Force 1 Bred – I have a love/hate relationship with Nike. I balk at their prices, but at the end of the day I just love some of their releases. The latest to attract my attention is the Bred colorway for the iconic Air Force 1. These go-to beaters have been a staple for years, and more recently it has lost its luster. It’s safe to say that the Bred colorway is injecting new life into an old favorite. What gets me excited about the shoe is that the silhouette of the Air Force 1 Mid is unmistakable. You throw this colorway onto the Dunk High and they’ll be confused for the original 1s, but on the Air Force 1 there is no doubt. Just a classic colorway on one of the most recognizable sneakers of all time.

Is there anything the Bred colorway cannot do? The Air Force 1 Mid has been an afterthought for many sneakerheads. Besides the East Coast up on the White/Whites, the Air Force 1 has lost a lot of its thunder, but the classic Jordan 1 colorway can do wonders. Using the same black and red color scheme, the Air Force 1 Mid is transformed from a pair of beaters to some neck-breakers. Suited up with premium leather uppers the clean white midsoles and the red outsoles are welcome looks for any sneaker enthusiast.

Source: Kinetics

Xiomi Yi Camera – The cat is wearing a camera! GoPro has dominated the action cam scene for long enough, and it’s nice to see a cheaper alternative to the reigning champ. At half the price of entry-level Hero, the Yi still offers a powerful Sony Exmor sensor. In fact, the Yi is capable of 60 frames at 1080p while the Hero can only process 30 frames. Another vantage of Xiomi’s Yi are the price points of their additional accessories. GoPro gouges their customers with high prices with their dog harness selling at $60+, but not Xiomi. Affordability is part of their play and the litany of optional accessories will be offered at a fraction of what GoPro has been charging.

I love competition. It can mean improved technology and better prices, so I’m glad to see Chinese company Xiomi challenging GoPro’s reign with the Yi camera. The Yi goes straight for GoPro’s entry-level camera and does so with better specs, and at half the price. The Yi is smaller and lighter while boasting a more powerful 16-megapixel Sony Exmor R BSI CMOS image sensor. The camera is capable of 1080p at 60 frames per second, and comes with an optional cat harness. If the cat harness doesn’t capture your attention, then you’ll probably appreciate that the Yi can be fully controlled over your smartphone.

Source: Engadget

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