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Battle at the Berrics 7 :: PROS VS. JOES

Battle at the Berrics 7 :: PROS VS. JOES

Last Friday was that time of year for the annual Battle at the Berrics. It is really awesome to think that this was the 7th year of the famed flat ground only contest that has since become a cult phenomenon within today’s youth culture of skateboarding. And if you haven’t been living under a rock for the past decade or so, then most likely you have witnessed this contest grow into what it has become firsthand. Having done various themes since such as “Goofy vs. Regular,” this year’s idea was a really cool one. “Pros vs. Joes” meaning you could have been a random unknown talent and have a chance to skate against your favorite pro in a opportunity to make your dreams of breaking onto the skate scene in a major way a reality. As it should be, at least 1 “Joe” made it to the finals by the name of Cody Cepeda. The vibe this year was definitely electrifying, given that any skateboarder in the building could relate to what was at stake. Not only that, but given the platform for such chance on, really, an even playing field for all. Shooting the night was a lot of fun and tough at times to not get caught up saying hi to so many friendly faces from the skateboard community. That is one thing I definitely preach and very few understand: Once a skater always a skater. You learn so much from this culture that even if you only step on your board once a year, you can still apply that mentality and life’s lessons to anything that crosses your path. Nights like this one remind me of just that, as I watched todays talented skaters and can’t help but think that I probably wouldn’t be where I am at today if it wasn’t for that piece of plywood with some trucks and urethane wheels on it. Thank you skateboarding.


The battlefield.

Friendly faces Sam Smyth of Girl/Chocolate, Mickey Reyes of Deluxe and Bram of Venture Trucks.

Eric Koston and Mr. Yoonicorn with his custom jersey.

What up Jim.

Good dudes Kelly Hart of eS and Tyrone of LRG.

Ski mask way.

Reda going over some stuff while Koston gets some b.g.p.’s while practicing some tricks.

Reda with the Romano family getting the crowd pumped.

Being once of my favorite skaters since I was 13 I couldn’t resist snapping a couple of flicks of Koston even if it is just flat ground.

Final match up.

Cody was so focused during this match.

The crowd erupting with his win is an understatement.

Definitely a great night and congrats to Cody and The Berrics for a amazing B.A.T.B. To see the recap of the finals match you can check them out here.


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