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Apple Unveils its Brand New Music Streaming Service

Apple Unveils its Brand New Music Streaming Service

Today, to a conference filled with the tech world industry giants, Apple announced Apple Music, a streaming service set to premiere June 30th. “We’ve had a long relationship with music,” said Apple CEO Tim Cook. “And music has had a rich history of change, some of which we’ve played a part in.” Moving past its relationship just as a  distributor, many in the industry look to this as the first credible answer to the dominance of streaming by Spotify. With a monthly service starting at $9.99 or a family plan consisting of 6 members for $14.99, it is a cheaper-marked difference from the rates of its competitor. Included within this package will be the new iTunes Radio, which has already signed on Dr. Dre, Pharrell, and Drake to curate their own stations, as well as BBC radio ones curated by Zane Lowe and Hot97’s Ebro Darden. The kicker is the new connect feature that allows fans to subscribe to a blog feed ran by their favorite artist, who will exclusively post unique content for Apple Music.

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