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Get Ultra-Dreamy with Antenna's "Before I Fall Asleep" Video

Get Ultra-Dreamy with Antenna's "Before I Fall Asleep" Video

On September 13, dreamy Dutch electronic duo Antenna released the video for “Before I Fall Asleep” off their Primavera EP from Beats in Space Records. Ukraine-born Sasha Renkas (who recalls growing up in a “landscape of strange light and slight abandonment”) and Eline Makker created the EP following mind-bending acid trip in the Austrian countryside. Haunting and vaporous, the video for “Before I Go To Sleep,” directed by Renkas himself along with Rozanne Ottenhof, perfectly conveys Primavera’s “homage to otherworldly portals.”

In it, we watch Renkas’s friend and musician Betonkust wander through abandoned cityscapes, parking lots, and parks, his image obscured by drifting marbled clouds, his movement delayed as though creating a visual echo. As the lies in bed, an animation of his brain illuminates—he is pre-REM, lingering in the bizarre state between wake and dreams, when synapses are firing ideas and images we hope not to forget by morning. A metallic woman with bright eyes and an angelic voice reaches towards him, pulling him fully into dreamland. I have to write it down, sprawls over the listless blond’s translucent face as he’s finally entering sleep at the video’s conclusion, I will never forget.

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