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And Now, a Message from Chris Danforth

And Now, a Message from Chris Danforth

Writing or being a writer was never part of the plan. At times, young me wished for strengths as a visual artist, although I suppose I did more wishing than practicing. I had some friends that could sketch some amazing stuff, which I always found inspiring; that was probably the first field of expression that popped out at me. I ended up excelling in English, which I did not consider very cool at the time because I could write a pretty sick essay on Gutenberg’s movable type, but so what? I guess writing inevitably leads to analyzing, and coupling those two things has formed a creative outlet I’m happy to have fallen into.

Fast forward. Catalysts leading into my 20s were 1 – visiting New York’s BAPE flagship and 2 – discovering Karmaloop. Who didn’t have a phase where they were consistently peeping the stuff on Karmaloop? One or two cool opportunities down the road and I’ve been able to share my work with some great names including Hypebeast, Norse Projects and Highsnobiety. Still that excited kid, still curious. Trying to figure out how the pieces fit.

As of today, I’ll be sharing my opinions, reviews and photos with readers of The Hundreds. So what kind of content can you expect from me specifically? My focus is largely on the things happening around me in Vancouver, but what you’ll be reading is not entirely limited to a certain location or topic. I might get lunch with a rapper, I might hike a mountain, whatever. Gear, eats, homies and more. So there it is. Hope you guys dig it, check back to see what’s next.

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