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All I want for Kev's Birthday

All I want for Kev's Birthday

Last night celebrated amoung many other things, Kevin Delaney’s birthday. It seems like we celebrate this a few times a week but this one was memorable. It started at Pink Taco and moved to Hyde. Scroll along with the most profilingest activator on the planet.

That’s a new character Drama is working on called “paralyzed face guy that loves straws”.

Like most evenings, this one is brought to you by Bee Nguyen.

Luke Trembath and man not wearing a costume.

Hyde plays all your favorite songs. Kevin loves those songs. You hate them compared to how much he loves them.

Kevin had something really important to say… but no one could hear him.

Kevin doesn’t give a fuck about sparkles… but he does enjoy their aroma.

One Chill Black Guy


File under “dude you definitely shouldn’t make jokes about”- who knew his hairline would be paying more than his tattoos in face rent!

This guy was there.

Jack lives in the projects.

Surrounded by dozens of friends, Kev D only had eyes for one person.

I havn’t made this face in a long time.

Darren brought us to Vingette, the extra exclusive newness that you don’t even now about yet.

Then Turtle threw like nine bucks in the air.

These guys are trying to start a DJ Ruckus

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