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A Visit from Akam1k3 in Hawaii

A Visit from Akam1k3 in Hawaii

I met Mike (akam1k3) a while ago through Instagram. He hit me up and told he was on his way to Hawaii with some family, and he asked if I could show him around. Good thing he did, I’m always down to show people what’s good. Because I’m always meeting new people and showing them around the island, the spots to eat, and the places to go, it was only right that I invite him out to hang out and BBQ with us out in the North Shore. The whole time we were out there, Mike was tripping out on how unreal the North Shore was. And that’s only one part of the island. To me, this kind of stuff is normal. I see it everyday. He’s from Norway, they ain’t got anything like this over there. To him, it was like a dream. A lot of times I overlook the scenery because I see it everyday. I forget how amazing this place is. So it was cool to see it in his perspective. The dude is a trooper – we spent the whole day at the beach. And anyone will tell you that the sun will drain you out here, especially at the beach. We even went to a friend’s house to play beer pong. He won some, but I won most. My friends and I play beer pong often. The whole he kept telling me to take him to this one spot that Van Styles shot at. It was a freeway overpass in Honolulu. He told me he wanted to get a “Better Shot” haha! We got to the spot and it was around midnight. After a long day drinking at the beach, I could feel the tiredness sink in a bit. I could tell Mike was pretty drained too. But Mike is just a down homie when it comes to shooting photos, he’s always game and up for the adventure. It was good kickin’ it with ya Mike!


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