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Abandonment Issues :: Gary, Indiana

Abandonment Issues :: Gary, Indiana

While out in Chicago, trashhand suggested we go shoot out in Gary, Indiana. Definitely a change of pace from the city life. We drove about 40 minutes out of town and arrived at said city. Now, trash mentioned to me that this place was run down, but I was definitely not prepared for what was in store. Maybe since living in L.A. where vacant property rarely exists, it was tough to see abandoned high schools, churches, and apartment complexes. To see such vast properties laying dormant and serving as playgrounds to graffiti artists, squatters, and what not – goes to show you the economic position of the city. Had theses locations been in Los Angeles, the moment they were done for, they would have been torn down and turned into some obnoxious shopping center. So below is a collective group of photos from the above mentioned settings. Definitely take some time to soak these images in. This was all shot on our one day trip to Gary. As I said earlier, these were shot in a church, two different high schools, and an apartment complex.

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