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I remember having a chat with Bobby back in December and him asking me what I wanted to bring to The Hundreds. My background obviously lies in web publishing, but my interests extend far beyond that. One thing I noticed, and honestly knew all along, was that the most important part of The Hundreds wasn’t really the clothing, but rather the lifestyle its curated over the past decade. I’ve heard it more times than I can count. Even if you don’t come to to buy a shirt, you leave learning something new.

What I really wanted to focus on here was you, the reader. The one who so kindly visits to see another Test Shot or Rob’s lavish lifestyle brags, and sometimes reads a thing or two that I or my team decides to write about. While we can easily @ each other behind the monitor or mobile screen, human interaction has slowly been dying (in my opinion) and its something that needs a boost. Trust me, I worked for 6 years out of my home office.

Street Meet was an idea I had for a few months and never really knew how to best put it to use. I’m glad Bobby was hyped on it though, because its the coolest thing I’ve put my stamp on the past few months. The amount of feedback and support we’ve received has been awesome, although its always daunting not knowing if we’re going to attract a crowd of 100 or 1. The goal isn’t to build monster mobs anyways (or is it?), its honestly just an excuse to use photography as a means to get people together, pass knowledge down to others and learn a little something ourselves. To share stories and create new ones.

Street Meet SF was the second of our continued social walks and the biggest yet. Personally, it meant a little more this time since it took place back home, in the Bay Area. As expected, The Yay came through in the hundreds and made a mark. Thanks again to everyone that made it out and a special shout out to Van Styles and Travis Jensen for holding it down. New York, see you soon.

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