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Sneaker Freaker 30 – The man hasn’t stepped on the hardwood in a jersey in over 10 years, but sells more shoes than any active player today. Michael Jordan came out of North Carolina and set Nike ablaze and after a few decades Sneaker Freaker examines how Jordan mania is stronger now than it ever was. The sneaker magazine explores Jordan’s world from previous retro designs to its influence on popular culture. In addition to speaking about Jordan the magazine also covers the recent collaborations of Ronnie Fieg, and profiles sneaker boutiques around the globe from Concepts in Boston to to Hanon in the United Kingdom. Source: Sneaker Freaker


Staple Summer 2014 – Streetwear is hard to define, but at its heart is the T-shirt and Staple has that area locked. For the past few seasons Staple has grown and now develops a robust selection of menswear with Summer ushering in a new collection entitled “Paradise Lost.” Using a bit of surf culture and a pinch of traditional sportswear, the collection is an array of casual pieces that bode well for the sweltering heat. There is also a collaborative project with Steven Harrington where the artist contributes psychedelic prints and patterns. Source: Staple


Logitech Case[+] – Logitech has been making computer accessories for a long time, and their exceptional customer service makes it a trusted company in the nerdy world of video games. But their latest venture moves away from the desktops and laptops onto the mobile platform. Logitech wouldn’t get into the mobile arena this late in the game unless they really had something exceptional on their hands. And, The Case[+] is definitely unique as the first modular smartphone case for the iPhone. The sleek and svelte case can look great alone, or it can be combined with other accessories. The magnetic backing on the case allows the user to attach an extended battery, wallet, or kickstand. These nice features will come at a cost, and the Case[+] is set to retail for $199. Source: Logitech


Cole Haan Lunargrand Perforated – If it was up to me I would wear sneakers for the rest of my life. Wedding? Nike Blazer low. Presidential inauguration? Jordan XI Bred. Unfortunately this dream is far-fetched thanks to something called the “social norm”, however there is another option with Cole Haan’s Lunargrand. The new Perforated version of the Lunargrand follows a simple formula where the uppers resemble traditional dress shoes and sits on a comfortable Lunar sole. Source: Cole Haan


Billionaire Boys Club Hatty Capsule Collection – This write isn’t so much about a new Billionaire Boys Club collection than it is a commentary on the power of pop culture. Pharrell’s ridiculously big Vivienne Westwood hat made famous during the GRAMMYs has a life of its own thanks to the fixation of the public. The vintage Mountain Hat from the early eighties is now the centerpiece for a collection by Pharrell’s own Billionaire Boys Club. The collection includes a Bape-style caricature of Pharrell in the hat, along with the hat on its own. The power of the masses is strong, and here is another fine example. Source: BBC


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