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Philips Norelco Laser Trimmer – If you are one of the lucky few to grow facial hair, then you owe it to the world to get a sweet chinstrap leprechaun. Shaping that sweet luscious beard is harder said than done, so Philips Norelco brings lasers to the world of trimming. The new T9285/41 9100 is a laser guided beard trimmer that features 17 length settings, a dual-sided trimmer offering both wide and narrow ends, self-sharpening blades, and most important of all, the Class 1 laser that projects red lines onto your face. Take your grooming gear to the next level with lasers!

Source: Amazon


Black Scale x Gourmet – Black Scale and Gourmet seemed to have a hit on their last project, and plan to follow it up with the Quattro Skate 2. Gourmet’s irreverent approach to sneakers is tested as the two brands build a skate sneaker with a minimalist silhouette. To maintain that sleek aesthetic that Black Scale is known for, the shoes are finished in a combination of black full-grain leather, and a reptilian textile. The metal eyelets and the flat laces are also a nice touch. The Quattro Skate 2 is meant to the bridge the gap between sport and style, and it works on a few levels.

Source: Black Scale


Supreme x The North Face – Supreme has usually taken archival designs from The North Face’s rich history for their collaboration, but the latest for Spring 2014 is a bit different. The New York-based skate brand takes the coach’s jacket and slaps a hood on it, and calls it the Expedition Coach. Besides the detachable hood the collaboration also borrows the flags used in The North Face’s previous Trans-Anarctic collection on the chest and back of the jacket. Along with the color-blocking two-tone Expedition Coach’s jacket are matching Expedition backpacks.

Source: Supreme

Chanel x Monster – Since its separation from Beats by Dre, the Monster brand has been on a tear. Their recent collaboration with adidas is followed up by one with Chanel. As with any set of Monster headphones, the premium sound is virtually guaranteed, but there are also design expectations when you collaborate with a world-renowned fashion house. The headphones come with Chanel logos on the earpiece, and a headpiece that arrives with the signature quilted motif. The headphones also come with a matching quilted leather carrying case. Price and release date should be coming soon, but expect it to pretty limited.

Source: Chanel


Complete Outdoors Encyclopedia – Getting off the phone and doing something is harder said than done. Finding the right people is the first obstacle, laziness is the second and third, and then what is there to do? Thankfully, there is the Complete Outdoors Encyclopedia to give you that spark of inspiration. The book gathers a lifetime of outdoor knowledge from boating, fishing, and mudding in ATVs; over 600 pages that is filled with 1,300 photos and 1,000 illustrations. The 4 lb. book is a companion for the outdoor enthusiast, or for anyone that wants to start.

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