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There’s a lot of entertainment and charm with staying in the loop of artists and celebrities who have arrived. It’s so much more comforting to have a tunnel vision on the triumphs and microwaved crafts of the people we look to for entertainment and “inspiration.” Sometimes it’s equally as amazing to live wide-eyed for their trainwreck downfalls, suicides, and drug abuses.

There’s such a huge divide between actual human beings and the heroes on our screens. There’s so little our voyeurism may actually do for us unless it’s translated into motivation for our own lives.

I find it my responsibility to shed light on the other side of the spectrum. I like to put a scope on the unseen. Jello Biafra once told me, “Don’t hate the media; become the media.” And I fuckin’ feel that. I like to showcase my own humble life of pursuit and vigorous hustles with the same bravado a publication would give Miley Cyrus’ pinky toe. I do this because I – like you – am an artist simply trying to make it in America.

Is there no glory in what you say unless it’s rewarded with RTs? Is there there no depth to what you create unless it’s rewarded with camera flashes? Is there no vision unless it’s rewarded with picket fences?

All I know is the world I physically immerse myself in. All I care to write about is my side of the story. I put a lens and a perspective to the strange places I go whether I’m on the list or not. I write these blog entries shirtless in a room with no A/C and bad WIFI while waiting for the next $2 Tuesday to get full. I live the same life your elders warned you was failure. (see: potential narcissist).

But in the words of one of my favorite artists of all time… “You can’t imagine how much fun we’re having.

Ya boy just turned 27 and more than ever, I’m here to tell you what kind of real life is really going on on the other side of that screen of yours. Enjoy yourself some snaps from this past month.



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