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People often ask me how I get all these crazy cars to shoot, and to be honest, it’s all just reaching out to people via social media. But sometimes there are occasions when I have a friend… who has a friend… that wants to get their car shot. And fortunately for me, one of those friends of a friend (who wishes to remain anonymous) happens to own a very nice collection of cars. Some of those cars being the Mercedes G55 Wagon, Ford GT, and the Rolls Royce Phantoms that I previously posted. When I first met him, I thought to myself, “How does he afford to have all these cars?” And the answer is: Working a 9-5 job, starting his own detailing business, and flipping cars on the side. Through all of that hard work and dedication, he has been able to obtain the collection he has now. The collection wasn’t always exotics and luxury cars, but instead, station wagons. He and his partner used to buy old station wagons, restore them, and then flip them for a profit.

The station wagon that started it all for them was this 1959 Ford Country Squire that you see above. Commonly known to many as a “Woody”, I first fell in love with Woody’s (get your mind out the gutter!) as a kid growing up on the beach where I would always see these cars around with surfboards sticking out the back hatch. I loved the cars so much that I actually fell in love with the Jimmy’Z clothing brand that actually had a Woody for their logo. Even though the car on the Jimmy’Z logo is a 1951 Country Squire, I’ve developed a liking to all Woody’s (hey, stop thinking about that!). I think I’ve said Woody enough times to make myself feel uncomfortable, so now I’ll just show you the pics I took of his Woody (now it’s ok to think about that).

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