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nanamica Harris Tweed Duffle Coat – The tried-and-true cold winter staple is the duffle coat. The long silhouette and thick hood means that it’s ready for rain, storm, or sleet. nanamica approaches this classic by using wool from Harris Tweed, and throws in some technical improvements with Windstopper material. Look for this exceptionally well thought-out to retail for $920.

Source: nanamica

Todd Bratrud for Chocolate Skateboards – After the success of Nike SB’s “Send Help 2” artist and pro-skater Todd Bratrud is staying busy with Chocolate Skateboards. For this holiday season Todd Bratrud has been enlisted to release a “Chocolate Girls” series that feature eight different graphics for the Chocolate skate team. Look for a deck and corresponding T-shirt created for Vincent Alvarez, Elijah Berle, Justin Eldridge, Kenny Anderson, Marc Johnson, Raven Tershy, Stevie Perez and Gino Ianucci.

Source: Crailstore

Undefeated x Mister Cartoon – Christmas is understood as the birth of Christ and celebrated with gift giving thanks to St. Nick. Undefeated takes these two icons and puts them together for a long-sleeve aptly titled, “Homies.” Look for famed tattoo artist Mister Cartoon to illustrate Santa Claus and Jesus as a couple of good-ole boys with Jesus throwing up the deuces and the Santa holding a big 40 ounce. The long-sleeve T-shirt is available now for $32 in Undefeated Chapter stores, and their online store.

Source: Undefeated

Wish x Joyrich – Wish has been holding down the Atlanta scene with exclusive projects like this recent one with Joyrich. The partnership will be unveiled as the “Rich Five Points” and is Joyrich’s way of paying homage to the small enclave. The collection is composed of a T-shirt, jacket, and beanie that re-appropriates the Los Angeles “Kings” logo. Look for the collection to be available at Wish starting December 17.

Source: Wish

Been Trill x SSUR – Heron Preston’s Been Trill teams up with streetwear legend SSUR for the holiday season. These two New York natives kicks off the season with a capsule collection that is all about heavy logo branding. Look for a custom all-over print featuring both SSUR and Been Trill logos. The collection will include a thick heavy crewneck fleece, matching sweatpants, and two snapback baseball caps.

Source: SSUR


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