By Bobby Hundreds

July 12, 2011

With the influx of Canon 5D Mark IIs and HD videorecording devices come a swarm of awesome moviemaking. There’s some really great creative coming out these days, and we try our best to post ’em on VIDEO DAZE. Here’s just some examples of how artists and brands have been taking advantage of the medium, and it has nothing to do with ironic cats:

Ricky Webb for The Hundreds Skateboarding:

Etnies’ Pierre-Andre Senizergues’ skateable home:

ROA at White Walls:

The Electric Daisy Carnival movie trailer:

Kenny Powers for K-Swiss:

Unbeleafable: A Girl Skateboards 3D Film, with the help of Levi’s (Although the ’90s in me still prefers Rick Howard’s MOUSE version):

D*Face swimming pool paint attack:

Beetle Bailey x Dr. Romanelli:

all videos by their rightful owners
by bobbyhundreds

Bobby Hundreds