By Bobby Hundreds

October 22, 2009

What you’re looking at here is Dave Choe being asked to rearrange his exhibition at the JANM for the Giant Robot Biennale this Saturday.

Umm… the rest of this blog post is NSFW / 18+ so make sure there aren’t any kids around, and you’re not eating a saucy pastrami sandwich, before you continue…


So David caught a little heat from the gallery space for his show, regarding it’s umm… mildly offensive material.


Like this hi-resolution close-up portrait of a beautiful pristine butthole. All those stubs and wrappers represent how much time and money he’s spent gambling, and the irritable bowel syndrome that comes with it.


Hey, look Dave bleached his hair again. There’s one of James Jean’s new paintings in the back. Look at how dirty Dave’s jeans and shoes are..

Huh? Ohhhh that. Yeah. That too.



So James Jean did that, his first time using spray paint ever. James has a lot of new work in the show, including the pieces I previewed for you months back. Souther Salazar’s in the show, as well as Albert Reyes, kozyndan, and a 50+ person group show.


Oh Dave. That’s exit-only.


by bobbyhundreds

Bobby Hundreds