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Have you heard about this new social networking utility called TWITTER? Dude, it’s gonna be huge. Ashton Kutcher is on it (ROFLMAO he posted a twitpic of Demi Moore’s colonoscopy!), and my high school custodian, and my pet turtle. And.. uhh nevermind. You get it.

Anyways, Twhatever. Of course you’ve heard about Twitter. I told you about it a year and a half ago (September 13, 2007 to be exact), remember? Oh ye, of little memory.

Since this is a streetwear site, here are my top 10 TwittersTweetersTwits that cater to the street culture universe:

1) Jeff Ng (Staple) : Updated regularly, but sporadically enough throughout the day, Jeff mixes non-sequitir musings with designer conscious insight on product, logos, and branding.

2) Leah McSweeney (Married to the Mob) : Leah also gets down throughout the day, adding her voice on life as a working mom, working hard on her girls’ brand, and working hard at working out and working it.

3) Jason (Flying Coffin) : Seattle’s best-kept secret, Jason from Flying Coffin, can’t get enough. Some Twitters do a darn good job of showing you where a brand-runner’s head is at, and this is a good example. On the radar: Dark cult-classic entertainment, live concerts, and NBA basketball.

4) Gomez Warren IV (Audible Agent) : You already know how Gomez is in real life, so imagine what it would be like if he had a Twitter account. And then stop imagining, because this is reality.

5) Eddie Cruz (Undefeated) : Sneaker boutique and street brand UNDFTD’s team captain takes you into a cooler-than-thou world of Laker games, power business lunches, and meetings around secret upcoming projects. Let your friends know you knew about it first.

6) Ray (Mighty Healthy) : Everybody Loves Ray. And Everybody Loves Ray’s Twitter. I’ve always wanted to know what’s going on in that head of his, and now it’s open for all to see. The best part about it is he sits there and makes fun of you for Tweeting while he’s updating his own. Twerrible.

7) Benny Gold : Depending on how you like it, BG Twitters a LOT. Which, for his fans, is a dream come true. 90% of the time, Benny’s out skating, on his way to skate, or just back from a fresh sesh. The other 10% of the time he’s leaking details on current projects, or making fun of me.

8) Miss Lawn (Hellz Bellz) : It’s a privilege that the woman behind one of the most progressive street fashion labels on the market is taking you along for the ride. Lanie didn’t really understand why I was trying to get her to Tweet back when she was figuring out her bearings, but I think she’s caught on. Currently, you’ll follow her as she globe-trots around the world, partying, creating, and conquering.

9) NA (Deadline) : Although most of his latest Tweets have been Laker-bashing, I still gotta pump NA’s Twitter. The People’s Champ twits like he spits,.. the life, the hustle… his page is reeking with NY flavor. Which, I guess, goes along with that whole L.A-hating thing. (NA, we got one over on you tonight, homey).

10) Timmy (13th Witness) : A different take on the medium, the world-renowned photographer regularly twit-links his newest work. So instead of getting stupider by reading it, this Twitter actually enriches your life. Thanks Tim.

Honorable Mentions: Mine. Ben’s. The Hundreds.

Facebook what?

by bobbyhundreds

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