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By Bobby Hundreds

I’m onset with Stevie Ryan in Burbank. This entire building, in fact, is dedicated to the television personality’s VH1 show, “Stevie TV.”

As the crew prepares for the second season, they gather here every day and work on sketch ideas to pitch to the network. Perhaps that’s why they’re called “pitches.”

Matt points out the pitches that have been greenlighted by the VH1 execs, the ones that are in limbo, and the ideas that have crashed and burned:

but they’re all funny to me.

To give you a better idea, here’s the entire first season on the whiteboard, the sketches that were filmed, and the crew who worked on them.

Stevie takes me on a tour of the costume department. The skit comedy show revolves around a parade of parodied characters and celebrity personalities by Stevie, so the wardrobe has to be pretty convincing.

Lunchtime is where the fit hits the shan. The show’s veteran writers bounce pitches off each other for the next few hours, tuning, whittling, and refining raw jokes into elaborate skits, which then devolve into sexually perverse bathroom humor, but then they take it back a few notches from there and end up with comedy gold.

And the entire time, Stevie rules with a plastic fork.