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Introducing the The Hundreds Fall 2015 Lookbook

Introducing the The Hundreds Fall 2015 Lookbook

The Hundreds is proud to present the The Hundreds Fall 2015 Lookbook, conceptualized and photographed by Bobby Hundreds and styled by Ben Hundreds.

The Hundreds Fall 2015 continues our Californian workwear aesthetic through core fabrications like canvas, twill, flannel, and selvedge denim. But as we celebrate the brand’s 12 years, we magnify our focus on upgraded materials and quality craftsmanship. This is our finest presentation to date, by virtue of custom-made fabrics, tailored silhouettes, and innovative textiles. Minimal branding point towards timelessness. Perfected structure and shape through cotton-bonded brush chambrays and double-knit waffle jerseys. This is The Hundreds in prime form, our strongest foot forward, and our most comprehensive and preeminent collection to date.

The Hundreds Fall 2015 lookbook explores the dichotomy between modern man’s inner thoughts and outward expression. Often discredited for having low emotional value, I wanted to dissect the insecurities, soulfulness, and schizophrenic rumination plaguing even the coolest of coolguys. The moral of the story? What you see isn’t always what you get.

Shot entirely in West Los Angeles, the story takes you through a day-in-the-life of two seemingly casual friends and the underlying narrative that explodes outside of their psyche. As with all lookbooks I shoot, the greater message implied is that you don’t need high budgets and heavy production to express an interesting and different lookbook. Produced entirely with a camera, tripod, and some Photoshop trickery, the rest of the orchestration boiled down to good acting, creative direction, and a dose of hard work.

Photography: Bobby Hundreds
Men’s Styling: Ben Hundreds
Hair/makeup: Valerie Vonprisk
Women’s styling: Alex Winston
Models: LeMarvae Stapes, Kellan Meador, Sage Montclair

To shop the outfits featured in the The Hundreds Fall 2015 LookBook, visit The Hundreds’ shop locations (THLA, THNY, THSF, THSM), authorized stockists, or head over to the Online Shop.

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