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By Bobby Hundreds

Los Angeles, California.

It’s a far cry from Minneapolis, Minnesota where Hot+Tea hails from. Over the last several years, the once-graffiti artist has moved onto less defacing pastures, mastering an alternative street art technique that is uniquely his: yarn bombing.

Hot+Tea sees chain-link fences as a grid, not unlike a digital canvas that is formatted around pixels. So he brings to life various font and typography manifestations of his tag, all through the art of strategically tying bright yellow yarn.

Due to the nature of his materials, Hot+Tea’s art is an ephemeral and delicate existence that is truly only appreciated in the moment.

To see more of his work, including the projects beyond the fence murals, visit his Flickr page HERE:

Zilla captured Hot+Tea’s process for a piece named “Wildlife” in the time-lapse below: