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All it ever seems like they do is eat and hang out,” everyone in the world said as they read The Hundreds blog every day.

Sounds about right.

Lunch at The Hundreds HeadQuarters today catered by the fine folk at Dante Fried Chicken.

That look says it all. Some of the most delectable fried chicken to ever be delected. Dante Fried Chicken. Seriously. Do it.

Then we piled onto a bus and into a caravan of cars and drove across Los Angeles. All of us. The Design studio, the sales team, marketing department, the warehouse crew, our screenprinters, our bloggers, everyone.

And made a surprise visit to…

Dodger stadium.

As the Dodgers currently hold high as the best baseball team in the league, the entire stadium was ours for an afternoon; we got a guided tour of the ballpark that started from the top down…

Lil’ Mike always keeps it 100.

Those Two.

Scotty iLL & Natalia Brutalia.

B. Mo, Brice, and Intern H. Guy.

Getting edumacated on the Dodgers legacy.

Almost a quarter-century after his limping World Series homer off Dennis Eckersley, Kirk Gibson resurfaces as Old Man.

Umi & JK.

We were repeatedly instructed not to touch this man’s organ. He was the only one allowed to play with his organ.

I’ll make a long and hilarious story short and PR friendly. At this point in the tour, we had far worn out our welcome. Natalia wouldn’t stop cussing. B.Mo got asked twice by the tourguide to hike up his pants. And it maybe didn’t help that our elevator opened on the wrong floor to a shock-and-awed Tommy Lasorda, who got barraged with googly eyes and bellowing cheers from the rambunctious lot of us. “HEEEYYYTOMMY!!!!!!!”

But whatever. We’re the best. I love these guys (and girls). The Hundreds is Huge.

aaaaand then maybe we got kicked out. Again.

Okay. So.

Why not spend the rest of the day taking over the local bowling alley for the first annual The Hundreds Bowling Tournament?

Maybe Switch threw a grown man across the Burger King parking lot this morning. Maybe not.

If you ever see these two with red cups and big smiles, leave ’em be. Trust me. Double trouble:

The big winners rep the warehouse. Not fair, because they practice bowling all year by chucking your online packages into a clowder of diseased, one-eyed cat carcasses.

and Cooper wins MVP for scoring a 250-something (on his SATs).

All in a hard day’s work.

by bobbyhundreds

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