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Finding yourself in need of some fresh listening material as you get ready for the weekend? Leave it to The Hundreds’ staff to lead the way. Here’s what a few of us currently have on steady rotation:

David aka Heavy D :: The Hundreds Headwear & Accessories Designer

Right now I’m listening to: Dom Kennedy

Because… Yellow Album is perfect for this hot summer.

Jayne :: The Hundreds Senior Apparel Designer

Right now I’m listening to: Noothgrush

Because… Nobody screams like Dino.

Jon :: Mixed Media Productions

Right now I’m listening to: MC Eiht

Because… There really hasn’t been any kind of West Coast gangsta rap that has come out since the early ’90s. It’s good to hear someone from when I was growing up coming out with something new. MC Eiht’s “The Reign” is a banger.

Josh :: The Hundreds Graphic Designer

Right now I’m listening to: Sage the Gemini

Because… I like his delivery as a rapper; he also makes appropriate beat selections. Bay Area!

Mahtab :: The Hundreds Marketing Manager

Right now I’m listening to: Chet Faker

Because... I originally fell in love with him a few years ago when he released his “No Diggity” cover as that is my #1 favorite karaoke song in the entire world. Seriously, ask next time you see me, I can sing that entire song on command. Then I saw him live a couple months ago at SXSW and was reminded why I loved him in the first place… He’s got this sultry jazz voice mixed with a little bit of Motown over a downtempo electronic beat (which btw he produces everything live on stage with gaggle of keyboards, drum machines, and other do-dads). I’m actually listening to the song he did with Flume in my headphones right now and it’s got me feelin’ some kind of way.

Mac :: The Hundreds Executive Editor

Right now I’m listening to: Butthole Surfers

Because… Butthole Surfers because there’s something psychopathically therapeutic about blowing my mind with ‘90s WTF-rock. Plus, the mind-cabinet that is unlatched by the random artists that manifest themselves in that endless playlist of “huh?” hits me right in my happy-flap.

Robert aka Tito :: The Hundreds Operations/International Sales Assistant

Right now I’m listening to: Ab-Soul

Because… Ab-Soul because he’s an amazing lyricist, extremely underrated, his play on words is ridiculous, and of course, he’s WEST COAST! #westcoastbestcoast

Zach aka Horndawg :: The Hundreds Videographer

Right now I’m listening to: Mac DeMarco

Because… I don’t take acid, but if I did, this album would be the portal into my minds abyss. I’d probably just amble around my apartment naked making peanut butter sandwiches.

Alina aka Alinan Nuguney :: The Hundreds Managing Editor

Right now I’m listening to: Kelela

Because… Her debut Cut 4 Me dropped last year on Fade to Mind and it’s soooooo good. On Spotify, you can listen to a track she’s featured on called “EFX” off Teengirl Fantasy’s Tracer that’s amazing. Makes me less sad that they only have the first Aaliyah album up on there.

Bobby Hundreds :: The Hundreds Chief Creative Officer

Right now I’m listening to: Rotting Out :: “Street Prowl”

Because… I’ve been listening to a lot of standup (Demetri Martin, Patton Oswalt, Bill Burr), but after 3 straight weeks of that in the car, I start spiraling into a dizzying k-hole of misanthropy. What better way to cheer me up than reverting back to hardcore.  Rotting Out has that familiar rawness that is unequivocally LA punk.  They have three albums up on Spotify. Right now I’m sitting on 2011’s “Street Prowl.”  It’s fast, it’s savage enough to get my hands dirty, but not so brutal that I feel exhausted.

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