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I know it’s easy to forget with all of these collaborations and free mixtapes and photos of beautiful women, but what we REALLY do here at The Hundreds is make clothing. And by clothing, not just graphic t-shirts and snap-backs, but actual, well-constructed, intensely conceptualized and designed cut-and-sewn apparel goods.

One of our frustrations (okay, maybe just mine) is that our logo, Adam Bomb, can overshadow the rest of the detail and investment we put into our clothing design and production. When all is said and done, we’re still known first and forthright by our wide-eyed mascot, when in reality we have premium denim that’s priced more affordably, and of superior quality, than many upscale jeans brands out there. We have an incredible graphic t-shirt program (I still defend that it’s the best), but then sometimes the consumer overlooks our range of fashion-forward jackets and outerwear, which tend to be mimicked by competitors seasons later.

Over a year ago, Hypebeast approached us with a novel idea – to film a short doc on our cut-and-sew process, something that is rarely addressed or appreciated by the media. It’s kinda like our best-kept secret. Since Hypebeast is centrally located in Hong Kong, and because we are there throughout the year as a design and production base, their camera crew followed us around the open-market for fabrics in Sham Shui Po.

A couple of disclaimers here:

1. This was filmed back in January! Sorry for the delay.
2. The video gives the impression that all of the fabrics we utilize are sourced from the open market. This is not the case, we custom yarn-dye our own plaids, etc. It just happened to be the day that we were perusing the market to fill in some holes in the line with substitute textiles. The market provides a colorful backdrop to the doc also.
3. I don’t know why I was wearing a white t-shirt. I never wear white t-shirts. I hate the way I look in a white t-shirt. I hate the way I look.

video by HBTV
by bobbyhundreds

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