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So let’s start at the top. When it comes to New York, can I boast of any stronger crew, and accordingly, store?

The Hundreds New York:

We’ve just recently tweaked a few design details in the space. Hope you guys dig it.

John Varvatos in the space formerly known as CBGB’s:

This is my first time over at Nike Bowery Stadium.

Didn’t know Dean worked here. He explained the concept of the space; he’s part of the elite crew that custom makes each Destroyer jacket downstairs.

The Destroyer can cost a pretty penny, but it might be worth the amount of labor and creativity that goes into each piece.

The Reed Space:

Staple still has some of the smartest graphic t-shirts on the market.

And also got to check out the new Carhartt Work In Progress store in New York. I never thought I’d see the day that the American Carhartt would let Carhartt Europe penetrate back onto home turf, but I guess it’s a very technical and strategic agreement that’s been worked out between the two separate entities. Carhartt, as you know, is a time-tested American workwear brand. Their European counterpart takes it up another notch on a more sophisticated, sleeker, Streetwear level, and of course, pricier. Anyways, there’s now a brick-and-mortar location in New York City:

Kyle bugging out on my iPhone fisheye:

Black Scale‘s taking over the streets of NY. Their joint retail front with SSUR is one of the city’s cornerstones now.

Saturdays NYC‘s entire shop, I think, is now racked with their own in-house label. So much quality cut-n-sew, I’m pretty impressed.

And their Head Porter collaboration is super cool.

by bobbyhundreds

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