By Bobby Hundreds

January 19, 2009

The Chinese New Year is fast approaching, with the annual festivities beginning one week from now. The days leading up to the lunar calendar new year are frenzied in China as the people flock to shoe stores to buy a brand new set of kicks. The tradition goes that you gotta kick off the new year (no pun intended) with a fresh start, and one of the symbolic ways of doing so are getting laced with crispy sneakers.

The last time I took you down Sneaker Street in Hong Kong was almost 3 years ago. Brad, Vito, and I headed back over to the Mong Kok district on the Kowloon side to jump in on the weekend’s raging sneaker bender. Both sides of the street are lined with cluttered sneaker boutiques, stocking the freshest, rarest, and most up-to-date Nikes, Adidas, Vans, Red Wings, Doc Martens, New Balances, etc..

by bobbyhundreds

Bobby Hundreds