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By Bobby Hundreds

Four years is a long time; it’s the entirety of high school or college or how long Thundercats was on the air, and that’s how much time Alex Spit dedicated to us here at The Hundreds. He started off at POST — The Hundreds San Francisco — and followed his music career down to Los Angeles where you’ve seen him on Rosewood. But now Spit moves on, having recently signed a deal, and his music career demands pulling the rapper away from any other side hustle. We’ve done our best to preach the gospel of Alex Spit to our audience, and now it’s the world’s turn to stand up and support one of hip-hop’s best-kept secrets. You can continue to keep up with Alexander Spit through his website and his Twitter, or right here… you best believe we’ll be right there behind him as he takes over…

In Spit’s time at THLA, Rosewood’s changed quite a bit. Hopa and Heavy D of the new generation:


Five flashing four:


by bobbyhundreds