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The swap meet.

It’s L.A.’s mecca of street fashion. If you grew up in California, you must’ve spent some time in your local swap meet.. well, especially if you’re attracted to our brand. So much of The Hundreds’ range stems from the very things we wore from these fine cultural establishments throughout our youth. Every few months, I’d stop in to stack up on a dozen AAA black blanks, Dickies with the inseam removed, tagger belt with Old E buckles, SOLO jeans (just baggy enough), Chucks for 20 bucks, a pair of Ben Davis khakis, and a coach’s jacket or Carhartt hoody if it was cold outside. That was pretty much my uniform for every season and it’d tally up to a $100 tops. These days, that’ll score you a pair of denim. If that.

Anyways, Ben, Jon, and I were down at the Compton Fashion Center yesterday afternoon. I filmed as we took the long way out, and I just want you to soak up some of that authentic swap meet environment. The scowling Korean shopkeepers, teenage moms, cheap jewelry, beatdown arcade room, sneaker walls (still can’t tell if they’re legit or fake), the cowboy boot displays, custom embroidery to get your set emblazoned on your cap, bootlegged mixtapes, it’s all inside.

by bobbyhundreds

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