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James Jean‘s solo show at the Martha Otero Gallery is entitled REBUS and it opened tonight for a select group of friends, family, and fans.

James is many artists’ favorite artist, especially those who have followed him from dominating the graphic novel and comic book covers of his early career to the explosive fine art world that he spins today. He is a true genius, a master, and a brilliant mind, and anyone should be able to tell that by merely looking at his work.

One of my favorite aspects of James’ work, aside from it always being totally awesome, is that he is constantly evolving and forging new territory within himself and the art universe. This stuff looks completely different from a year ago, and the year before – but it’s all still uniquely James Jean. He doesn’t fall into a comfortable familiar style that everyone will grow accustomed to. He forces you to keep up and grow with him.

Lots of amazing guests tonight – so many important figures that are too cool for me to even know their names. But this is Mike Shinoda and Dave Choe.

Darren – Mr. Romanelli – and Eric White.

Jay Bentley (Bad Religion) and Natalia Fabia:

I was so caught up in the hysteria that I blanked on getting a shot of the artist. Anyways, there’s James right THERE to the right of center, pulling digits and scoring babes as usual. Must be nice to have a fanbase that’s 88% artistically-inclined women.

The show is open until April 30th. James Jean, folks.

by bobbyhundreds

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