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Alex Pardee‘s VERTIGO show opened at the prestigious Corey Helford Gallery here in LA tonight. This was one of those art show openings where the line wraps around the block, like there’s a crazy concert in town, or the circus. I guess it’s a little mix of both.

The show was amazing, what I love is the story that buttresses the entire exhibition — I’m being literal — An actualstory, about a game hunter-turned-exorcist named Verti Parker, that inspired VERTIGO. 13 paintings border the Corey Helford, including a sculpture made of bloody teeth, that all tie back into this elaborate storyline that is summarized here.

The man (Alex Pardee), the myth (Joe Hahn of Linkin Park), and the legend… well well, I guess that would be me now, wouldn’t it?

It was so difficult to get good photographs of the pieces because the opening was so crowded, it was a fight just to get out front for the free Kogi BBQ truck. I got a couple flicks though for y’all.

The stunningly beautiful modelDave Choe and the tormented artist who hasn’t changed clothes in weeks, Justene Jaro.

There’s that gnarly monster I was talking about!

This is what my sink looks like every morning.

And some other key pieces from the show. As usual, I’ve done a pretty mangled job of documenting something incredible. So read up on the show from more reputable sources, research the basis and process for Alex’s works, and go see the show for yourself at the Corey Helford Gallery.

by bobbyhundreds

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