By Bobby Hundreds

October 15, 2011

Nightfall in San Francisco. View from the Clift:

First stop, the renowned Beer Fridays at Benny Gold‘s shop. I spent half of my time playing with Rumi and Levi, and the other half talking to brand upstart Bear Witness.

Afterwards, the THSF crew dinner at Brazilian steakhouse Espetus. Everyone’s putting on the polite face as Tony tells the same story for the 83rd time.

We caught a couple drinks at the Owl Tree, then fortuitously ran into Errol and Eric with the Nike Sportswear and marketing team, as well as Samantha from Fruition (who’s launching her project with UNDFTD SF tonight). They’re all in town for Nike’s big race and we followed them to the club. Then rejoined the crew over at Delirium (of course) where I took the couch (of course) and Billy Roper got us Tecate and we listened to Tony talk (of course).

The End.

by bobbyhundreds

Bobby Hundreds