By Bobby Hundreds

September 22, 2008

Our fourth ONE-SHOP STOP feature, letting you know about one of our select The Hundreds accounts somewhere in the world, is on Next, based in Cleveland, Ohio:

Northeast Ohio based retail clothing company Next is an OG when it comes to street fashion. Founded in Cleveland in 1997, they led the urban wear market helping brands like Sean John, Akademiks, and Phat Farm get off the ground. Around 2004, Next owners Rob Rosenthal and Steve Silver noticed a new trend emerging on the scene- skate and street wear inspired fashions and companies popping up all around the country. With an eye on the soon to be coined “streetwear” movement, Next began to develop a new type of store catering to the sub culture of the urban crowd, with a more stylish, refined, and edgy look. Urbane rather than Urban. Enter Next, the street boutique in Beachwood Place.

Since Next Beachwood’s inception, Cleveland has added energy to the streetwear movement, fanning the fire of style across the midwest in the form of local indie labels and sneaker and clothing boutiques popping up around the city. Owners Robert Rosenthal and Steve Silver believe the culture of streetwear still needs nourishment in Ohio, and we are out to put a fresh tee on everyone’s back and a crisp sneaker on everyone’s foot.”

by bobbyhundreds

Bobby Hundreds