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Oh, before we leave you hanging. While we’re out, I’ve compiled a good list of blogs to keep you entertained. Bookmark ’em:

1. BLACK MAGIC DOVES – This is our friend Rachel’s blog, and mainly comprised of her photography and her takes on style and fashion. And plenty of eye candy for you lurk diabetics.

2. JUN CHA – L.A.-based tattoo artist Jun’s blog. Not only is Jun one of the most-talked-about artists in the tattoo community right now (Check the current issue of Juxtapoz on newsstands), but he also keeps his blog updated daily with who/what he worked on that day. If you don’t ever want to get a tattoo, don’t check this blog. Way too tempting.

3. CHROME BALL INCIDENT – Dude hi-res scans in vintage skate magazines from the heyday.. MY heyday. An emphasis on mid-’90s street skate. He just posted a nice Eric Ricks tribute. If you wanna know where The Hundreds aesthetic comes from, you’ll find it right here.

4. MIKE PISCITELLI – This one’s not a blog, so beware, it’s (GASP) an actual website. I was just talking to Klotz on Thursday night about Mike and how much we both admire his photography. But it goes a lot further than that. In the street realm, you guys may be familiar with his brand FUCKING AWESOME. Even moreso, this guy pretty much leads the best life ever, and has a fine-tuned eye to document it. Photography, film, he does it all. Check his recently updated portfolio.

5. MY OTHER BLOG – It’s not maintained nearly as much as it should be, but hey it’s about quality, not quantity, right? Here, you can read about all the other stuff that makes my world turn that doesn’t necessarily fit neatly into The Hundreds’ compartment. Like interracial nudes. Turns out there’s not a big market for that here at TH…

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