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2012 will be a year of Revolution.

I’m not just talking politically. Although 1/3 of the world’s nations will hold elections this year, affecting over half of the earth’s population. I’m not merely talking socioeconomically, although the economy is rising from its slumber, and Occupy-bred civil unrest will continue to flourish and upheave the old world order. And I’m not just referring to the fallen leaders of yesteryear, from Gaddafi to modern-day messiahs like Steve Jobs, paving the way for new voices and new ideas.

2012 has long been shrouded under the veil of apocalyptic mythology, and whether tongue-in-cheek or based, the new year brings a sense of critical urgency to a world bogged down with disillusionment and hamster-wheel life cycles. The Hundreds is ready for the Revolution. Over the past near-decade, we have worked tirelessly and ceaselessly on creating our version (and vision) of the perfect brand. Staying ahead of design trends, particularity as to who we wholesale to, aligning ourselves with valuable partners. Everything has had a deliberate reason. Deny all you want, but we’ve done the best we can.

But those years were just the foundation, chess pieces in place, strategy and forethought invested, for what lies ahead.The Hundreds’ story is evolving still, changing. “Revolution” is defined as a “radical and pervasive change” or “sudden, complete, and marked change.” Over the next 12 months, we will probably create some pieces that wow you or make you question our taste. We’ll collaborate with properties that could be your greatest dream or worst nightmare. We’ll stock The Hundreds in stores that will make most people very happy, but a core customer extremely upset. And so we will make new friends but also lose old ones along the way. We will change. That’s growth, and in this game, unless you grow, you die.

We hope that we continue to keep your interest in 2012, as we continue to take risks and revolutionize. Happy New Year’s from everyone at The Hundreds!

by bobbyhundreds

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