By Bobby Hundreds

April 10, 2008

There’s a new brand out there called Ludwig that I’m growing fonder of. Early in the year, one of their guys, Chris, hit me up to introduce me to this brand.. and it was such a weird, intriguing name that I had to take a look. The design was really basic and candid, with creative flips throughout. Just enough to keep it different and thought-provoking, but not loud or aggressive. After I found out that Ludwig’s actually run by the same guy behind the now-defunct SUBFREAKIE (one of my favorite lines back at the turn of the millenium), I was pretty much sold.

Nima (Digital Gravel) filmed an impromptu rundown of Ludwig’s first season with Mike Dytri, and for various reasons, I found it pretty refreshing – not only from a designer’s / brand-runner’s perspective, but as a consumer as well. I’ve really been into strategically mixing-and-matching solids with heathers for our past few seasons, but Mike did a really successful take on it with the color blocking. Actually, my favorite parts are the subtle quotation hits on the back of the pieces. Anyways, whether or not it’s up your alley, it’s encouraging to see creative people flexing their bravery and putting conscious thought into their work.

by bobbyhundreds

Bobby Hundreds