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Sometimes, I sit back, observe our staff and wonder, at other companies, are their employees as big of characters as ours are? Seems like every single person that works for The Hundreds is an absolute weirdo in their own way. Even the ones that start off being innocuous, plain, bores turn out to have all kinds of obscure interests, or noted talents, or experience in things that no one else can make heads-or-tails of.

Right now in the office, I’m looking at a Guatemalan who used to be a world famous drum-and-bass DJ but has the same interests as a Japanese schoolgirl, a Canadian who has a tattoo across his ribcage of a human heart with hairy arms punching a robot, and an MMA-trained ex-convict who has the largest sneaker collection in the world.

Even our interns are unique. Like Nate, who came onboard not too long ago to help out in the graphics department. It was all good until we discovered that he’s made a name for himself in L.A. by throwing the most insane parties at his parents’ house (really), and that he’s a you’d-never’-ever-guessrapper by the moniker Nathan Nice.

Every morning, the taco truck pulls up on our street, peddling all kinds of breakfast foods and Mexican roach-coach food packaged in recycled Jack-In-The-Box wrappers. Nate was headed out to do the daily burrito pick-up for the crew, so I tagged along:

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