By Bobby Hundreds

July 15, 2008

Caught the silver bullet on my drive to work this morning. If anyone wants to contribute to the “Get Bobby a Delorean Already” fund, I’m up to about $8.30. I’ll accept checks.

Does anyone else find this campaign brilliant? The old Indian lady in the car was completely aghast at the posters, scowling and pointing with her craggy finger. Then she got hungry.

Some more shwag came through this morning. Damon sent this Arkitip x Krink x Incase laptop sleeve. Makes it look like my computer’s brains exploded.

Nice touch. Satin sheets for my Mac. Luxurious, and spacious (Name that movie).

Travis Millard (Fudge Factory Comics) keeps me entertained with his comic ‘zine. The personalized envelope reminds me of piecing up envelopes to send into Thrasher Maildrop.

Thank you, Vito’s Sister. I’ll save some for the Indian lady.

by bobbyhundreds

Bobby Hundreds