By Bobby Hundreds

October 12, 2009

That’s Chad. He plays guitar for a band called New Found Glory, who’re about to head out on tour in a couple days. But better than that, he was the original vocalist, back in the day, for a hardcore band called Shai Hulud. Super dark, heavy stuff. But Chad’s a nice guy.

Anyways, yesterday, Chad was wearing our “Kai” t-shirt at Swingers and a dude came up to him, asking about it. He looked up and it was Dave Chappelle.


Speaking of singers for hardcore bands, what about Toby from H2o? Does anyone remember when we did a collab t-shirt with H2o? The shirt read “PEOPLE CHANGE BUT SONGS REMAIN,” some of Toby’s lyrics. Toby’s pretty much stayed the same though. Still an Air Max head, still a good dad, still straight edge and on that PMA!!!


by bobbyhundreds

Bobby Hundreds