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Hong Kong life is so fast and so furious.

Can you spot Pat in the subway? He’s like the girl in the red dress in the Matrix : Ravishingly beautiful.

Chinese food. Or as they call it out here: “Food.”

Sometimes life comes together to present serendipitous moments like these. Or maybe this is just an ad for the Smurfs movie.

This is what it looks like in my brain all the time. That’s why I’m so agitated.

Pounding the pavement at the open market for fabrics in Sham Shui Po. Eugene and Louis at Hypebeast actually followed us around for the day filming an upcoming video on our apparel design process.

Speaking of Eugene, he and Season took us to Chunking Mansions last night, which has quite a history here in Hong Kong. Years ago, it was considered the most diverse location in the world because of amount of international visitors and residents swarming around this building. Wong Kar-Wai shot movies here, and it’s SUPER seedy.

Oh so yeah, the guys took us to an amazing Indian restaurant upstairs. The ambience wasn’t the best, it felt like we were in a gigantic bathroom stall with tile floors, walls, ceilings, and shower curtains for window drapes. But the quality of the food offset that by miles.

Afterwards, we headed to a rooftop bar/club and made fun of Eugene a lot and how he dresses like a Chinese mountainman. Actually, that’s what all youth fashion’s looking like nowadays, so I guess I can’t really say much. All you boots-clad kids in your hiking vests, should we start making The Hundreds pickaxes for you to throw over your shoulder?

There’s graffiti out here, not a ton of wheat-pasting, but this dude gets UP. Anyone have any info on him (or her)?

Nothing very Hong Kong about this photograph. The rest of the world does have water.

Primary colors are never secondary.

Ok, more from Hong Kong on the way…

by bobbyhundreds

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