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Hey guys, we’re over at the Hello Giggles office with Sophia Rossi and Tatti Ribeiro this afternoon.

You probably know Sophia even if you don’t know Sophia. She helped produce MTV’s The Hills, has a rabid Twitter following, and a confusingly identical name to a popular pornstar.

Hello Giggles is a kinda-everything-awesome website geared for the ladies; the brainchild of Zooey Deschanel, Sophia, and Molls. Lots of funny stuff on there, good writing, and it’s all positive for the girl nation. Like a shocking pregnancy test!

Videochat sesh with Joel. Thank God he was clothed, which was a nice departure from his usual Chatroulette routine.

Speaking of which, Hello Giggles has been filming these Videochat Karaoke clips with random friends who stop by, who just so happen to be randomly famous, and randomly incredible at singing (For example, Rozzi Crane).

Scout Willis makes a cameo, and everyone get to Instagramming. So random.

Then Scout starts busting an ill rendition ofJolenefor the Photo Booth and we all weep for the swag generation.

Sophia’s big on grocery liberation.

DVR confessions: 66 eps of old school 90210, with only 4% left to go.

Look out for an upcoming Chronicle with Sophia and Hello Giggles on our site.

by bobbyhundreds

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