By Bobby Hundreds

October 05, 2007


The new Sony Bravia commercial has just hit the screens, and once again, the creative team behind these commercials is just bonkers. If you remember, the former Bravia commercials featured the millions of bouncy balls through the SF streets and the paint explosions in the air, but the newest ad employs the most impressive stop-animation endeavor to date. 40 animators worked concurrently on this project, which is best viewed on the Bravia website (which is amazing enough in itself). I also put the Youtube version up, but it’s like you’re watching the film through a dirty drinking glass with sunglasses on. Notcot also has some great behind-the-scenes shots of how the commercial came together. Oh yeah, take caution, some people might get a bit freaked out by the whole “thousands of rainbow rabbits forming into one giant monster rabbit” thing. And by “some people,” I’m referring to crackheads, baseheads, and former candy ravers.

by bobbyhundreds

Bobby Hundreds