By Bobby Hundreds

June 10, 2010

So our friend Benny Gold has been running this ongoing Glider Plane series with his namesake label, where artists and brands are being asked to collaborate on BG’s glider plane logo. So far, the series has consisted of Mike Giant and I Love Dust. Next up is Cody Hudson, Andy Jenkins, and Grotesk. But for now, it’s Benny Gold x The Hundreds, featuring my hand-drawn illustration; I re-appropriated the plane to allude to a moshpit. Benny and I both grew up in the hardcore music scene, so it was an homage to all the fists, swinging, and finger-pointing that goes on in the pit.

The Benny Gold x The Hundreds Glider Plane series t-shirt releases this Saturday morning, 11am, at Benny Gold’s shop, located at 3171 21st Street in San Francisco. Ben and I will be there as well, I think I’m gonna bring the original drawing. Benny will think of a clever way of giving it away to a lucky customer.



Bobby Hundreds