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The 4th Annual The Hundreds Labor Day Block Party and DJ AM Tribute is

I will give you guys the breakdown. We have been planning this party, in conjunction with Red Bull, for the past half-year. With Red Bull’s assistance, we had taken all the precautionary measures and proper bureaucratic steps to ensure this party would be bigger, badder, and even better than the previous 3 block parties combined.

For those who may remember, our first block party “BLOCK HEADS” was shut down in 2006 because of our Fairfax neighbor who owns the Jewish market right around the corner, north of Rosewood. This guy rallied up some of the older businesses on the block to put an end to all the fun the younger generation was having in their neighborhood. Unfortunately for them, the Fairfax community was ecstatic about having our block parties. Countless parents with children to senior citizens told us what a blessing it was to have a fun holiday event in their area.

Over the past couple years, our 1 neighbor couldn’t say much because we had gone through the city and LAPD to comply with ordinances and make sure we were putting on a fun, safe event for the Fairfax community and our customers. But last year, he threw such a fit that he vowed The Hundreds would never have a party on our street ever again.

As we began preparing for this year’s party, we knew he’d be a thorn in our side, so we worked closely with neighbors, authorities, police, and city councilmen to make sure this party went off without a hitch. Of course, just days before our 4th Annual Block Party’s supposed to ignite, LAPD steps in and shuts it down.

From how it appears to everyone on our end, LAPD has it out for us. And all because of 1 whiny voice that didn’t have a prom date in high school so he decided to ruin the fun for thousands of people. LAPD has refused to listen to our side, although we’ve told them we can get a petition with hundreds of signatures in support of this event. Our City Councilman is ignoring us as well. At this point, we have our hands tied behind our back.

We have 35,000 different people check this website on a daily basis. This is where we need your help. Not that it will change much now, but to drive the point home, please email and call these people to let them know:

1) Why The Hundreds Block Party is an important event for you and the community
2) Why it is a mistake to cancel this event.

City Councilman Paul Koretz
(213) 473-7005

John Darnell

LAPD Senior Lead Officer Arthur Gallegos
(213) 793-0708 (CELL)
(213) 473-04756 (OFFICE)

Wilshire Community Police Station
Front Desk (213) 473-0476
4861 West Venice Boulevard
Los Angeles, California 90019

Wilshire Station Community Relations Office
Sergeant A.J. Kirby
(213) 473-0200

Thanks everyone. We are sincerely sorry for all who made plans to be at our event. I know many of you travelled from afar to be here, and most of us cancelled other plans to participate in the greatest day of the year. Trust me, no one is more distraught and disappointed over this City’s actions than us. We’ll be back. Bigger. Badder. Better. And probably Bitter.

So sorry,

Bobby and Ben Hundreds

[ EDIT ]

Our supporters are forwarding us the automated response they have been receiving from LA City Field Deputy John Darnell. John writes:

I understand your frustration at the cancellation of the Hundreds Block Party. However, due to past and current public safety issues, the Los Angeles Police Department recommended against it.


Perhaps, next year, if the sponsor plans ahead and works with the police to plan a safe, neighborhood friendly event, there won’t be a problem.

This is outlandish. As I stated, we have had this event every year since 2006 and NOT ONCE has there been a public safety issue. The thousands of people in attendance can attest to that. No one has ever been hurt, there have never been any incidents, no one’s safety has ever been at risk. The only thing that has come out of The Hundreds Block Parties are smiles, good times, and great memories.

Plus, we have always hired a number of professional security guards to patrol the event, as well as notify the police of the goings-on. The past couple years, the LAPD have stopped by themselves throughout the day to check with the security guards and verify everything was okay. This is the first time any of us have ever heard of a “safety issue” and I’d love to see any documentation on the issue. John Darnell says if we worked ahead to plan a safe event, there wouldn’t be a problem. Funny, we have been working with them and the city for half a year on this upcoming event. They’ve known clear well what we intended to do and waited until the last minute to turn the table on us because they knew we wouldn’t have time to react. Please let them know this as well when you respond, or just copy/paste what I wrote.

And they wonder why we hate them.

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