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In the midst of the summer, our friend Jessica came to visit us at The Hundreds. You’re probably well aware of her now; notwithstanding our cover for the latest issue of The Hundreds Magazine, she’s also a constant on Instagram’s Popular Page and gracing thousands of Tumblr feeds a day. The 26-year-old Australian is an employee and student of Streetwear, but she is most notably recognized for her obvious face tattoos. Since our magazine released, the questions have been pouring in about her and it seems like many are as transfixed and curious about Jessica as we were. Jessica isn’t a model, she’s our friend, and during the short week she spent in Los Angeles, I was the constant observer. From suburban malls to the coast of Malibu, I followed her and lived her life and existence, taking on the perspective of an eager and intelligent young person in America for the first time. I documented everything. Here are just some excerpts from the experience. (To see and read more about Jessica Clark, read The Hundreds magazine online or get the print version HERE)

The most profound time together was under the gun of NORM at Will Rise Tattoo on Fairfax. Jessica gets “Conscious” drilled into her jawline, a proud badge of awareness and conscious living. As the needle broke her skin and permanently altered Jessica’s face once again, tears fell from her eyes. I asked her if it hurt. Was she crying of pain? “No,” she softly replied, “I’m elated.”

(Oh yeah, and then there are these. Those stories will have to wait for another post):

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