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If you haven’t figured it out by now, The Hundreds’ flagship stores are conceptualized around multiple running themes. The color black, popular film storylines (backed by our L.A. tinseltown roots) such as 2001 and Peter Pan, and perhaps most subtly, of time. More specifically, timelessness.

The Hundreds LA was designed as a modern street boutique, built for now, memorializing now. You see it in it’s sleek cabinetry and minimalism, plus the contemporary lines. When it came time for The Hundreds SF, it was all about taking that notion of time and exploding it. So when you enter the bomb-proof sliding door, you’re confused as to which era the design is derived from. Are you swimming in the ancient catacombs? Or is it a 1970s-inspired interpretation of the super-future? Past or present, both or neither?

Again, it’s this idea of timelessness. As we’ve always regarded, The Hundreds is a timeless brand, so the stores carry on the spirit of not being easily pigeonholed into one specific period.

The Hundreds New York is no exception. Once more playing off of time, THNY has been designed around the idea of being a modern boutique, but perceived half-a-century into the future. So although the store’s feel is familiar and recognizable as present-day, the ceiling has atrophied, the paint faded, the facade corroding. It’s an homage to New York’s long-winded history, and the character and magic that the City holds. There’s a story within these flooded streets and stained brick fortresses, and there’s mystery here within THNY as well.

If these walls could talk…

by bobbyhundreds

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