By Bobby Hundreds

May 17, 2009

Every half-decade or so, we go through another Beastie Boys resurgence. I think we’re in the middle of a revival right now, what with their upcoming tour, new album in a few months, the entire “Sabotage” track lumbering away in a Star Trek car-chase scene. They even played “Sure Shot” at the Laker game this afternoon.

Personally, I love the Beasties. I’ve been there for them through thick and thin.. From punk to party to politics. The Spike Jonze videos, Bape endorsement before you endorsed Bape, the wacky workwear fashion antics that influenced a generation of streetwear.. Anyways, I know I already told you my top 5 Beastie Boys vids, so here are 3 more. You can never have enough.

“Pass the Mic”


“Girls” (not a music video, but the music. In a video.)

by bobbyhundreds

Bobby Hundreds