By Bobby Hundreds

July 21, 2010

Currently going down at the esteemed Jonathan Levine Gallery here in New York is Jeff Soto‘s 3rd solo exhibition here, entitled “Lifecycle.”

Really cool story bro, buuut Jeff and I grew up in the same hometown. So I am proud to say I witnessed him from his graffiti days as TREK to what you see here. He was one of our earliest The Hundreds Chronicles as well. Anyways, his style is continually evolving and elevating, while maintaining his unique style and touch. Out of this show in particular, I’m especially keen on his color choices and some of the more fantasy storybook elements.

This is my second favorite piece in the show. It’s entitled “The Seeker.”

And this is my personal #1 guy right here: “Car Crash.” This canvas tells endless stories, you can be embroiled for hours.

Here are some detail shots, to give you a better idea of how intricate these paintings are:

The gallery is also exhibiting Dave Cooper’s “Mangle” show.

Jonathan’s a good dude, and a fine curator. This gallery has done so much to support many of the artists which circle our realm. Be sure to check it out if you’re ever in the city.

by bobbyhundreds

Bobby Hundreds