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Hall of Fame Heads to Rural Colombia for Spring 2014

Hall of Fame Heads to Rural Colombia for Spring 2014

The last time we caught up with Hall of Fame was with their Holiday season.  HOF is back for Spring 2014 and they brought the heat. This entire lookbook was shot on location in Colombia as a meditation on her mountainous terrain and countrywide sports lifestyle, and it’s that extra step that we can appreciate.  It’s one thing to throw a shoot together in a studio or in your backyard, but across the earth with a cast of locals? Once again, Hall of Fame incorporates cohesion of thought, narrative, brand, and attention to detail in their collection and lookbook…

For this latest season, they’ve reunited with photographer Akira Ruiz for a story that follows a soccer match in El Popular (one of the lowest-income neighborhoods of Cali, Colombia’s sports capital), a mountain trek known to locals simply as El Cerro (literally “The Hill”) – a location rich with religious mountain-scaling rituals for penance and reverence – Colombian BMX rider Humberto Ospina, and an El Popular-style New Year’s Eve where the festivities involve filling an Año Viejo (“Old Year”) doll with fireworks and setting it off in the Colombian streets at the 12th hour.

Hall of Fame was one of the few independent Streetwear brands to set 2013 ablaze, and here they are, igniting the new year.  The collection will be available at Hall of Fame stockists starting February 28, including 3 of The Hundreds’ flagship store locations (THSM, THSF, and THNY).

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