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At some point in the mid to late 1990s, there was an interesting subcultural shift that moved through the local punk and burgeoning electronic music communities. It came by way of the hardcore scene’s gradual nexus with the Drum N’ Bass arena. What was surprising about the meeting grounds was that this did not exclude hardcore’s straight-edge followers, who have by definition aligned with a drug-free philosophy. So to see straight edge kids having a love affair with rave and drug culture was like witnessing Capulets and Montagues dancing together in forbidden corners.

It was a phenomenon that was largely felt and lived here in Southern California and I’d say a great deal of that movement was directed by similar fashion. At one point it was hard to decipher between straight-edge crews and junglists, with their impossibly baggy pants, choker bead necklaces, military-drawn influences, and darker earth-toned themes.

When I try to explain this to anyone who wasn’t remotely involved, they are quick to dismiss me as having a raver past, which isn’t entirely true. My interests lied in jungle parties and DNB as a teenager, and I will admit that wholeheartedly. I still do. Boymerang, LTJ Bukem, DB, Roni Size, RAW, Machete, Goldie.. ’til today, why do you think I love the beat on that Kreayshawn track so much?

Since then, Drum N Bass has opened up to a spiderweb of subgenres that even the most versed electronic DJ would be challenged navigating. And out of that arose the modern explosion in Dubstep, which is everything to everybody everywhere right now.

Don’t ask me how (although I think I just explained the “Why“) but this is your firsthand, first-time, listen at “Wretches & Kings,” a special remix of a Linkin Park single off their new album “A Thousand Suns,” repackaged by Dubstep DJs HavocNdeeD and guesting the legendary emcee Chuck D from Public Enemy. It pretty much proves how far Drum N’ Bass and Dubstep have traveled, how much the music now prevails in the broader spectrum, and how that early relationship between rock, hip-hop, and electronic has now metamorphosized into a unique art form all its own.

This is a The Hundreds-exclusive, you won’t find it anywhere else, folks. You’re more than welcome to download the track for FREE by clicking on the arrow on the right-side of the player. And don’t be surprised if it doesn’t last long. You know how we do.. It’s a “While Supplies Last” kinda thing…

by bobbyhundreds

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