By Bobby Hundreds

December 16, 2008

Right. So you know how I was gloating about the t-shirt weather out here in New York? Well, that moment was short-lived, as the greyness seeped into the City this morning, and the downtrodden clouds unfurled across the skyline. As we pounded the pavement, Ben and I could practically feel the degrees peeling off the thermostat. Shudder. Apparently, a hoody and a windbreaker isn’t enough to fight off Mr. Frost.

And so, by early afternoon, the first snowflake hit the floor.

WIthin minutes, the sky opened up and sprinkled parmesan cheese on us. A white New York Christmas is a pretty magical experience, one that’s unparalleled elsewhere in the world.

Anyways, speaking of the weather, New Yorkers love talking about differences between our Coasts, and the conversational centerpieces are plenty. Traffic, Food (Your Mexican food sucks! Not as much as your Pizza!), Women, Rent.. I have noticed one thing. New Yorkers love their DOGS. The sidewalks are like a runway show for Man’s Best Friend. First of all, I don’t know how some of these people are housing their beastly-sized canines in their tiny apartments. Secondly, that old saying of how dogs look like their owners, and vice versa, is more pertinent here than anywhere else.

You can just imagine what this fella’s owner looked like.

Here are some more champs from the past 2 days.

by bobbyhundreds

Bobby Hundreds