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Firestarters :: Our New Wildfire Collection Is Available Now

Firestarters :: Our New Wildfire Collection Is Available Now

The spirit of the Wildfire flag is about how one person’s idea can spread with the help of a community.

The logo itself is derived from the Los Angeles flag, but incorporates the lines from our signature JAGS pattern. If you remove the center panel, the two endpieces fit like a puzzle into a perfect square—or, a box. The overall impression is that the box has been ripped in half. It’s a metaphor for coloring outside the lines and thinking outside the box.

Our first Wildfire flag borrowed the red, yellow, and black from our mascot Adam Bomb. Wildfire signifies the next generation of The Hundreds, so the first flag bridged the old school and the new. We now move into new color combinations every month that will be offered in limited numbers.

Shop Wildfire exclusively at The Hundreds flagships and the Online Shop.


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